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What We Do

Tint and Film Warehouse supplies films that can be applied to a range of glass surfaces, including:

  • Commercial or residential building windows: for UV/Heat protection

  • Inside glass spaces: for bathrooms, office dividers, conference rooms etc. for privacy and/or decoration

  • Vehicles: for UV protection and/or anti-'smash and grab' safety or vehicle wraps

  • Event spaces and interior decorating: for something unique enquire about our range of colourfu or patterned options that can be removed and replaced

We are the sole distributors of Solyx® films in South Africa. Solyx® films are available in multitudes of different patterns and shades. Now any flat glass surface can be turned into a work of art, be it an office, restaurant, bathroom or bedroom. Our films diffuse light without appreciably cutting down the ambient light. As a result, any existing window can be converted to privacy glass in a multitude of attractive patterns.

Join the many industries that are already using Solyx® films on their glass booths / room dividers / conference rooms / windows / doors / screens and mirrors, because it is durable, cost effective, looks great and also provides an increased safety factor and varying degrees of privacy.

Our collections are carefully selected. Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Tint and Film Warehouse for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

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